10 technological items that help you to protect your life

Wearable (wearable device) is still one of the fastest growing and polarized technology industries on the market. The birth of Apple Watch, along with the popularity of Fitbit activity tracking devices, has certainly helped raise consumers’ awareness of what was once considered “crazy fun” during the smart technology era. . And as the benefits these devices bring are growing, a host of new manufacturers have entered the field of technology wearable with their own revolutionary inventions. These technological items are connected to the human body in ways that are hard to imagine, monitor the health and well-being of the body through advanced designs, from reading headsets be thinking about epilepsy alert bracelets, which are breakthrough technological items that support our lives.

Mace Wear Pod  

Instead of focusing on biometric data and practice routines, this self-defense wearable device acts as a personal security monitoring tool to be able to alert when there is a sign of a attack. Mace Wear Pod connects with police through a “24/7/365” surveillance system. This device can collect evidence by taking photos and alerting authorities for emergency assistance. Just make sure you are in an area where signals are always available.  Price: $ 120 (FirstSign.com)


There are more than 370,000 people drowning each year, and Kingii will make that number significantly reduced. As the smallest pump in the world, Kingii changes the concept of rescuer with a small float mounted on the wrist and can swell immediately. Swimmers can save their energy by simply pulling the device’s lever to emit carbon dioxide into an orange bag that helps keep their heads floating on the water. The most interesting thing about the main device is that it is reusable, comes with a compass and a whistle for the worst cases.  Price: 79 $ (Kingii.com)

Arc Pendant

Smart jewelry is a product that is gradually spreading. This heart rate monitor is disguised as a necklace. It sends impulses to your chest as a warning to slow down when detecting beats that pass safety limits. What makes it an optimal device is the ability to read maps on smartphones and translate directions into special voices. Therefore, you don’t need to stare at the iPhone screen while running or cycling. Since being supported by Edison Intel’s platform, Arc Pendant adds voice control to allow identification of commands during training. Register at Arcwearables.com

Reebok Checklight  

Concussion is still one of the problems that cause problems for the sports world. Towards the top position of a smart medical device that can be worn when playing sports, Reebok has designed a high-tech hat that can measure the impact of head injuries through sensors. Then it converts the data to determine the severity of each collision through a special algorithm used to calculate the impact energy directly on the head. These analyzes are a useful source of information for sports players to seek appropriate medical advice.  Price: $ 99.97 (Reebok.com)


Prolonged stress seems to be one of the leading causes of death from cardiovascular diseases to suicide. Spire comes to be a digital intermediary device to reduce stress with smart messages about how to maintain “a more calm, balanced state.” It achieves this by measuring breath and all other activities, thereby analyzing data and showing how often you are stressed, when doing, etc. After collecting all information account, device will share exercises to help you lower blood pressure and reduce stress of nerves.  Price: $ 149 (Spire.io)

Emotiv Insight  

A brain-capable headset that reads and sounds like a breakthrough comes from comics or sci-fi movies. Emotiv is considered to be laying the foundation for such a kind of marvelous cognitive technology through its ability to measure and quantify brain performance to turn it into action. Facial expressions, head movements and commands in mind will be clearly conveyed. This is a creation that makes life for paralyzed people easier.  Price: $ 3,000 (Emotiv.com)


It is quite handy for drivers when they unfortunately fall asleep behind the wheel. Vigo keeps you awake, but more importantly, helps you stay alive while walking on the road by monitoring the blinking movements of your eyes to help you regain focus. This device will motivate users with an LED pulse or slight vibrations to wake them up. An app comes with a data log of usage and displays alert patterns to help users feel better about how to plan daily tasks.  Price: $ 79 (Wearvigo.com)

First Response Monitor 

Some fitness workout monitors have the ability to measure your heart rate, but not all can act as an emergency medical technician (EMT) or quick response team in the emergency situation. Clip-on nose wear can do that by monitoring the patient’s condition over time and converting all data into graphs. This technology aims for ambulance workers in the military who are trying to save lives on the battlefield and in natural disasters.  Learn more at Cambridge-Design.co.uk


Research shows that 1 in 26 Americans experiences a seizure at several times in their lives. This is a smart watch that can predict seizures as well as stress levels and sleep state. Embrace connected to your smartphone not only alerts users, but also notifies family members and friends when seizures occur. Another great feature is the ability to remind users when they forget to take medicine. At this time, Intel, NASA and a number of academic institutions around the world are using wearable technology products for stress, autism, PTSD research (post-traumatic trauma). pictures), depression and anxiety.  Price: $ 199 (Indiegogo.com)

The Lifevest

Experts believe that waiting for a machine at heart rate is quite dangerous. Nearly 32% of patients who experienced this said “at least one dangerous event can occur in the meantime.” This wearable defibrillator saved a 76-year-old man when he suffered a stroke. The Lifevest has released a shock vibration that affects the heart when it detects a life-threatening heartbeat. The device carrier can still wear the outer shirt while the device continues to monitor the heart through the use of non-stick sensor electrodes. Anyone with a heart problem should consider keeping this device in their closet. Order at Lifevest.zoll.com