Exclusive technology for tennis players

If you love sports, especially tennis, try exploring the unique technology items and the following fun apps with support for practice on the football field and even watching tournaments. important competition.

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt

Not only stopping at high-grade polo shirts, Ralph Lauren brand also introduced high-tech shirt line named Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt. There is still the famous logo of the brand on the left chest, the key of the shirt is the small car key apparatus attached to the inside of the shirt, just below the chest bone. The device is connected to a lot of high-tech silver threads to monitor heart rate, breathing rate, calories burned during exercise, and transmit this information to computers or phones. minh. This is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable and fashionable high-tech items!

Zepp Tennis 3D Motion Senso Sensor Machine 

This is a unique technology item that is useful for those who often play tennis sports. Motion Senso Zepp Tennis 3D is attached to the handle of the tennis racket, allowing you to track the indicators of both the dominant hand, the wrong hand and the serve during your play or practice.  All data on the power and number of batting balls will be sent directly to the phone via the free application on iOS and Android operating systems. Thereby you can keep track of progress and performance information. The Motion Senso Zepp Tennis 3D sensor costs about $ 210

Fitbit Flex wrist strap

You can track activity, sleep and general physical information with Fitbit Flex Activity wristband and Sleep Wristband. This smart wristband uses the latest technology with MEMS 3-axis accelerometer to accurately record your activity data such as steps, distance, movement time, calories burned. … helps you to be proactive in training and creating moderation in daily activities. It can also monitor sleep quality through highly sensitive sensors, indicating how long you sleep and getting up several times at night. You can also set an alarm on this strap. The parameters will be sent to your phone via the free app on iOS and Android. With a variety of colors and water-resistant, Fitbit Flex is currently sold for $ 140 .

TomTom Multi-Sport Sports Cardio GPS watch  

If you want to invest in a unique and wearable technology item, the TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS sports watch is a worthy choice. With the ability to integrate heart rate sensors and electric pulse screens, TomTom will tell you exactly how your body is dealing with powerful opponents from your opponent and help you adjust your fitness mode. reason and achieve the desired results.  The watch has a customized screen with this information displayed and lost in a flash. TomTom requires a significant investment when it sells for about 427 USD.

RacquetTune Application

Buying unique technology items or the latest applications will be meaningless if you don’t own a good racket. RacquetTune is the application that shows the actual situation of the racquet you are using. The application uses sound when touching the racquet to accurately calculate the tension of the racket, to help you consider whether or not to tighten the strings, or whether your racquet string is still good. RacquetTune is available on iOS and Android operating systems, and this application can also be used for racquet, racquetball and badminton rackets.

Smart tennis ball rackets 

Babolat’s smart tennis racket, Babolat, is advertised as being able to capture all match information, from speed of delivery, tee times and points.

The racket sends information via a smartphone application and has a battery life of up to 6 hours. The racquet has a 6-way motion sensor, gyroscope and speed measurement. Sell ​​for $ 100

The Championships application 

If you like watching more than playing tennis, you can download Wimbledon’s official app: The Championships. Free apps on iOS and Android operating systems, allowing live image streaming, match results and statistics, videos, athletes’ profiles, news, online sales and lots of fun other. This is a perfect app if you want to keep it up to date on the go.

Tennibot – Robot automatically picks up tennis balls

Tennibot is a tennis ball auto-robot of an American startup team. In a tennis practice, there are many balls used and they are lying on the ground. Moving around the yard and collecting these balls is an unpleasant thing. However, Tennibot will help solve this problem.  According to the Boston startup team, Tennibot uses machine vision and artificial intelligence along with a wide-angle camera to automatically move on the field, locate and pick up each ball, then put them in a bucket. rear container. Along with using sensors on the robot to find its way, the Tennibot can communicate wirelessly with the control station using the camera to continuously monitor the robot’s position. If users do not want to get stuck with robots on the training ground, they use an iOS / Android app to determine which field the robot operates. This application can also be used to control remote robots if needed.  Tennibot moves at 2.3 km / h and can run 4-5 hours after being charged. At the end of the training period, users can easily pull this 11 kg heavy robot like pulling a luggage suitcase.
The startup team is now calling for capital investment from the community for the Tennibot project. The preferential price for investors is 650 USD and the product will be delivered in January 2019. Estimated retail price is 1000 USD.