Mobile Network

Mobile network is known telecommunication network. That network spread in mostly all areas where provide coverage and services. Mobile network have towers in different areas and cities that also known cell/ sites. Where equipment installed that name is base transceiver station. The base transceiver provide signal that that connected with our mobiles. And we use it for voice and data.

That cell or physical sites have equipment installed. And in country have many mobile networks that provide services and each network used different frequency to avoid interference. Because many network are operational in all time. That different frequency provide that national telecommunication authority where all network companies are registered. That authority provide every company a license and provide frequencies. Then telecommunication companies installed equipment that provide services. And each cell site is connected with other cell site through microwave links and optical fiber cables because Microwave link have small capacity than optical fiber cables so now optical fiber largely used.  After that cell sites connected with base station controller and mobile switching center that have all network control and monitor.

The mobile switching center is connected with public switched telephonic network. And have Radio access network that monitor the network efficiency and monitor the network error and check network is working normally or any issue the radio access network also check the speed of 4G network and is network working at proper speed and is network speed is proper to end user. In equipment that installed on physical site working properly and monitor the coverage of network

The Mobile network provide coverage that we connect our mobile phones, tablets and other smart devices & we used it for audio calling, video calling, and used internet for different purpose. Mobile network is very popular and have very good reviews. Because that network is available in everywhere. Before that network used wired based network that have very limited coverage and some areas have no coverage. Now mobile network is available in everywhere and available in highways where we enjoy with that network .So that is very suitable and people gives good reviews.

Mobile network have much features. Mobile network has long range coverage and capacity is very high that many mobiles and other smart devices connected and used it for audio and data purposes, data browsing purposes. Mobile network in that start provide only 2G services that mostly used for audio purposes and we make audio calls. But now technology developed and mobile network provide us 3G, 4G services that data speed is very high and can use it for video calling , video conferences. And business purpose and data browsing downloading purposes. And we can watch HD videos and send images and videos very quickly and new technology 5G is also ready to launch that also data speed very high. So that is reason that people gives good reviews.

The devices and mobiles that we used with mobile network use less power and that battery timing is long so that mobile network is very popular and that devices weight is very low that can use everywhere. Mobile networks also coverage’s all areas now also in villages that services available and peoples enjoy with that network. The education system much developed with the mobile network because student watch online data and learn and also online learning portal, websites are very easy to access everybody because mobile network provide internet services. Also business and health sectors also much developed. With mobile network worldwide much development done and many new mobile and smart devices introduced. Mobile network is so reliable and everywhere available and popular network have good reviews in everywhere.

Mobile network image.