TOP smart watches worth buying most 2018

 If you’re passionate about beauty accessories but love the intelligence of modern technology, smart watches will be a great suggestion. Currently, the world has developed very smart devices, and Vietnam is also one of the most potential market. You will find any latest products, the earliest updated versions right in Vietnam. You will be spoiled for “style” with fashionable and eye catching designs Moreover, the great features that these smart watches bring will really help you a lot in your daily activities. And these following TOP smart watches that are worth buying most in 2018!

How did you choose your Smartwatch?  

When you need to “control” yourself, this is the time to respond to it. It’s fun to say, but if you have determined that you really want to choose a suitable Smart Watch, start right away and determine your needs and prepare “money”! Currently, the big names have launched many models to meet the needs from basic to professional for users. Not only conquered by the compact size of the wristband but also in the ability to display notifications and customize the app to save time. Smartwatch is even more handy when connecting directly to smartphones, allowing you to freely control your music, control heart rate measurement features or simply receive messages without having to unlock your phone screen.

And to be able to choose for yourself the most suitable smart watch you should identify the following factors: Smart Watch must be compatible with your phone, interested in “her” operating system, design, water resistance, useful features, ability to monitor health, battery life …. After determining most of these factors, you will choose the right smart watch. unified. And the following will be a few helpful suggestions, carefully surveyed in the current Smart Watch market. Let’s see who “she” is and how to do it!

The smartest watches worth buying  
First, you can think of Garmin Vivoactive 3 music  

Vivoactive 3 music is the major upgrade of the previous generation by adding more internal memory, allowing you to freely copy music directly to the watch to listen through a bluetooth headset. However, if you do not love this line, you will not realize that the company has changed Vivoactive 3 music appearance a bit compared to the previous generation. Not only does it have outstanding memory with up to 500 songs, can download offline music playlists from your computer, iHeartRadio and more. In the design section, Garmin watches have some minor tweaks for Vivoactive 3 Music because the glass layer enhances the chemistry and looks much more beautiful and beautiful than the Vivoactive metal design 3. This design helps Reduce the surface scratches on Smart Watch!

Advantages of Vivoactive 3 music 
 - Automatic payment via Garmin Pay allows you to pay quickly with just one click
  - Fully customizable with thousands of free watch faces 
 - Convenient application and Widget on Connect IQ app market 
 - Internal memory is upgraded and can hold up to 500 songs 
 - Integrate up to 15 sports, support GPS everywhere whenever you want
 - Monitor your physical level with VO2 Max, giving you a better overview of how to handle stress  
- Connect with smart notifications and automatically download data to Garmin Connect, Live track ...  
- The use time lasts up to 7 days with smartwatch mode and 13 continuous hours with GPS mode

Next is the Ionic one of Fitbit's "darlings"
Talking about this smart watch, you can see all the advantages below and then "take her" is not late at all!
- Track smart sports
- Receive friendly reminders to achieve the goal of 250 small steps every hour
- Use built-in GPS / GLONASS to monitor the pace, distance and routes in jogging, cycling, etc. - Keep track of swimming exercises with count of swimming laps, duration and calories burned
- Watching the practice of sports is the most useful feature that Fitbit brings
- Track some of the most popular exercises with real-time data that are directly displayed on the screen
- Monitor continuous heart rate and real-time region
- Get snapshot of cardio physical level in Fitbit app
- A relaxing deep breathing guide based on your heart rate data
 - Keep track of the time users spend during each sleep phase, including Light, Deep and REM sleep
- Store and support offline music playback over 300 songs, reach Pandora, no need to go through the phone
- Quickly connect to Bluetooth headsets to listen to music, listen to practice instructions and more
- Connect seamlessly with the phone with notification of incoming calls, new messages and event reminders, schedules
- Provides useful applications for active life, such as news about sports, weather, etc.
- Built-in NFC chip helps to store credit cards and supports quick, compact, fast payment by wrist
- The strap is easy to change to suit your own style
- Personalize your watch with a variety of unique designs and "unique"

What do you think about Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

Garmin Forerunner 645 is a Smart Watch with a huge amount of music that fans have long wanted. It’s great when you can store up to 500 songs as well as playlists from online services on Garmin watches. You just need to combine with Bluetooth headsets, the world of music is within reach without any phone. In addition, Forerunner 645 is also capable of working with Garmin Pay – one of the NFC payment services developed by Garmin.

Advantages of Garmin Forerunner 645

– You can easily download up to 500 songs to listen to when connecting to a Bluetooth headset to listen to music without the phone.


– Synchronize music from an online server, to listen again when not connected to the internet.

– Garmin’s touch-free payment solution gives you the convenience of paying with your watch, you can rest easy with money and cards at home (coming soon).

– Provide dynamic running programs, including step count, distance length, and slope tilt and more.

– Integrated heart rate sensor, giving you the ability to view the process of operation as well as assess the current training status.

– Battery life: use up to 7 days in smart watch mode, and 5 hours in GPS mode and music.

And of course Michael Kors Access Sofie is indispensable

Michael Kors Access Sofie is considered the most luxurious Smarwatch line in all Android Wear products available on the market today. With its sophisticated design, surrounded by sparkling stones, the stainless steel strap offers a chic and elegant look for the lady who owns this watch.

Advantages of Access Sofie
- Highly customizable
- Stylish design, beautiful
- Sofie displays well outside in the sun, making you more comfortable for outdoor activities
- Run Wear OS so you can easily install lots of apps directly
- Lightweight with full bezel and round screen
- 42mm display is very good for receiving messages, emails, calls
- Smart translator helps you communicate with foreign customers easily
- Text messages right on your wrists help you stay connected without a phone.
- Application notification whenever you want
- Changeable straps help you make them your own
- Suitable for women who love style to be elegant, personality

What about Fossil Q Explorist?

Fossil Q Explorist is one of Fossil’s smartest watches that is connected to smartphones the easiest. Made of stainless steel with a touch screen that includes the latest Android Wear ™ 2.0 features. In addition, you can easily customize the full screen display and three buttons with the most convenient features for you, receive notifications (on the go) and automatically track your activity from trips hiking or even in the gym.

Advantages of Q Explorist

– Integrated track of sports practice

– Notifications: Social networks, messages, Email, application alerts, display of multiple time zones, alarms, calendar announcements

– Function: Personalize call interface, control music, launch Google voice, led flashlight, launch Google Maps, easy to change strap

– IP67 waterproof standard

– Smart connection

– Compatible with Android OS 4.3+ or iPhone 5 / iOS 9+

Finally, Garmin Vivomove HR!

As a direction to fashion, Vivomove HR is able to watch a hybrid watch with a touchscreen display with the best hidden display mode ever. With the perfect hand-crafted hour and minute needle, it is extremely accurate to display the hour, in addition, these two needles will automatically adjust to other places to display the hidden screen when receiving notifications, see the heart rate .. . and return to the previous location when you have finished manipulating.

Advantages of Vivomove HR  – Elevate exclusive heart rate measurement technology makes it easy to monitor your heart rate 24/7.  – A tool to help you monitor perfect health, along with tracking stress and relaxation time  – Integrated sports training features  – Display footsteps, calories, distance, heart rate and automatically download data, receive smart notifications, control music and other features  – Battery life is quite “buffalo” up to 5 days in smart mode and 2 weeks in normal mode.