8 types of phone covers and extreme technology accessories

Currently, there are many types of tiles and high-tech accessories for your smartphone in the market. Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose for yourself an accessory to help improve the experience on smartphones.  Whether it is watching movies, picnicking, going to the beach, charging an external battery … or just to decorate it beautifully, there are always many types of phone panels and technology accessories that not only meet the basic desire but also help Protect smartphones very effectively. Below is a list of extremely high quality technology components and accessories you will need.

1. Phone charger case

If your phone battery has a bottle or the battery capacity is not enough for continuous use all day, the Maxboost VIVID phone backup cum charger is the perfect choice for your busy life. Cladding can provide 125% battery for iPhone 6, equivalent to 18 hours of calling and 14 hours of web surfing. Installing Maxboost VIVID Battery Case also supports iPhone 5 / 5s, iPhone 4 / 4s and Samsung Galaxy S5. Its price for iPhone 6 on Amazon is $ 49.99.

2. Waterproof bag for phone

When deciding to go to the beach this summer, without a phone bag for underwater photography, it was a big omission. In fact, this water bag movement has been around for 2-3 years, but there are too many bags made from China in the market. No one can guarantee that the bags that are sold on this network can protect your smartphone absolutely.  Now for only $ 8.99 on Amazon, you can shop for a rugged FriEQ waterproof bag. FriEQ bags are highly appreciated by consumers and support almost all types of phones.

3. Phone case holder

You must have used a smartphone, not a few young people – aside from calling, texting, surfing Facebook – watching movies and video clips from sites like Youtube, Netflix or HD online movie websites. However, holding a phone to watch a movie for 2 hours will probably be very tiring. This is completely solved with the i-Blason panel when film fans can turn their phones into a … mobile movie theater.  The price of an i-Blason panel for iPhone 6 on Amazon is $ 12.99. Cladding also has a model suitable for iPhone 5 / 5s and Samsung Galaxy S5.

4. Super durable phone case

For those who are careless, often dropping their phones, shopping for “mobile phone” is really a necessary job. In particular, OtterBox tiles are famous for their durability and toughness. Although the price is much higher than the ones in … night market, but its quality is very good value for money.  On Amazon, the price of the lowest price OtterBox Defender Series is 34.99 USD for iPhone 6. The dock also supports iPhone 5 / 5s, iPhone 4 / 4s, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4

5. Luxury wood phone case

So far, with household items from tables and chairs, beds to floors, many people choose wood not only because of the high durability but the old wooden material always exudes a luxurious look. Now you can equip Native Union wood case for “mobile phone” more luxurious.  Today, Native Union sells CLIC Wood Case on Amazon for $ 40. However, the panel is only suitable for iPhone 5 / 5s.

6. Unique phone case

If you want to find yourself a unique, personality, then Speck is the perfect choice. This type of panel has a hollow structure with anti-slippery or bumpy rubber textures. This is not a bad choice because Speck tiles not only reveal your personality but also protect your phone extremely effectively.  You can buy Speck Products CandyShell Grip Case on Amazon for $ 27.99. Clad in accordance with iPhone 5 / 5s and Samsung Galaxy S5.

7. Scratch-resistant phone case

The transparent panel of this i-Blason not only keeps the original design for your phone but also scratches, keeps it as new.  I-Blason Halo Series Hybrid Clear Case price on Amazon site is currently only 9.99 USD. The cover supports both LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

8. Wallet card phone case

With the trend of increasing screen design today, bringing a smartphone that is already large in size with thick wallet will make your pants form lose shape. The best solution for you is the Incipio Stowaway panel. Cladding can hold up to 3 cards. So, when you go out, you just need to bring your phone with this panel, inside the card contains all kinds of cards such as ID card, driver’s license and ATM card is more than enough.  Incipio Stowaway Case back cover on Amazon costs from $ 14.50. Suitable for iPhone 5 / 5s, iPhone 4 / 4s and Samsung Galaxy S6.