Cloud data storage

The cloud data storage technology that store and maintained different types of data and used as a backup. We have to access that data through internet. Cloud data storage is virtualized based infrastructure that store the data and provide the data as per demand or need. When the customer need the data he give their id and get the data. The big and advanced companies have large amount of data the companies that working on different topic of researches they have research data and they maintained the data because if data not maintained properly that effect on their research. And that is just wastage of resources. The companies or organizations that used cloud storage that do payments on every month or user do payment on data based means how much gigabyte data they store.

Many organization are not spent money on their backup to store data and sometime in organizations network got damage or other error occurred. So that organization used cloud data storage because in cloud storage data remain safe and data is available as per demand. So that the use of cloud storage increase. Because organizations data remain secured that they do payment on monthly bases. That method is very easy and useful. The cloud storage work for u as a backup and that is very useful for business organizations that have large amount of data. And data is very important. And organization need old data. The cloud storage provide all the data that they store the data in cloud storage and easily can access to the data for example some organization/ companies develop new software and application and they need sometime old data or applications to develop new application .That cloud storage provide data that saved in.

 The main cloud data storage architecture are private, public and hybrid that are models of cloud storage. Three models mostly used. Private cloud storage that is only for an organization. Private cloud storage work on dedicated infrastructure and data center. That is very secure cloud storage. And public cloud storage is that where many organization can store their data and paid it as per data base. Amazon also providing that services and if we compare with other companies then Amazon services is better and data remain secured. Google also provide Google cloud storage that is also much used many organization used Google cloud storage. The third model of cloud is Hybrid Cloud storage that cloud storage is much used and that is common of private and public cloud storage.

 Personal Cloud storage also used that is for individual because that is personal and Mobile cloud storage name also used for personal because only individual have access to that storage. That is very secure cloud storage for individual and nobody have access to that storage and for personal data storage that is widely used and that storage use increase and that cloud storage best example is Apple I cloud storage. Apple I cloud storage provide that facility and data remain save and secured.

There are many benefits of cloud storage because you can access your data any time and data is available in original form. And to access the data we must have large bandwidth internet so that we can access the data very easily and quickly.