Mobile & online

As the technology developed world become a Global village and Mobile and online system also developed. New smart devices introduced that people used and connect with each other. Mobile phones also very important role in the transfer of information and news, Mobile that reshape the world, People, communication system, Business economy, also change the people’s life styles and now peoples are very close with each other with the help of mobile. Mobile technology works with radio waves and our mobile work as a transmitter and receiver. When we sent a text message to our friend that time that works as a transmitter and when we receive a massage at that time work as a receiver.

The term online that we normally use that means is that a smart device, mobile is connect to the internet. The best example is that a scanner is online or printer is online and connected our computer through network that means we give a command and get a print. Similarly scanners scan and provide data to our computer.

 Now as technology developed that people also used mobile phones and remains online so that transfer information very quickly. At mobile phones many social media platforms are available that we can used it and transfer information quickly. That best example are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, snapchat. WhatsApp that platforms are widely used in all over the world. People used that platforms and transfer information very quickly through mobile phones and smart devices are online that can used. Mobile phones are also used for different purpose and due to latest technology now everything is online. Many organization used online platforms for different purpose for example organization used it for business purposes. Now the peoples are living in different countries they used online platforms and used it as per need. Now due to availability of mobile phones we can make video conferencing calls. Video call, Audio and used social media platforms. That is very helpful for transferring of information and news. Now if any country in worldwide any incident occur that is reported in all over the world with in seconds. Because people used online platforms and transfer information very easy and quickly. Facebook, whatsapp , twitter are platforms that can easily use for transfer of information. We not just transfer information we can also send many types of data and images very quickly.

We transfer data very quickly as can send data through E-mail. The organization that method used in all over the world and email we can also check it on mobile. That have also record and can check it any time. Organizations are working in different countries so that they contact with each other through mobile and online platforms. That online platforms can used very easy and quickly and have great response because within seconds we transfer information. Millions of people have connected with each through online platforms.

 That all platforms can use on mobile. Now for advertising peoples are using Mobile and online platforms and do their business. They advertise their products on online platforms that people watch that product also have complete description available so that people watch and if they want to buy it they do online order and products are received very easy and quickly.

  The best example is that when we open Facebook on our mobiles we check the posts and there also have many advertising many people used online social media campaign for new product that we watch on Facebook, YouTube and that method companies used and doing lot of business. That online platforms are very popular in all over the world and the companies have millions dollar business with that. Mobile phones also have lot of business in all over the world. The telecommunication sector also too much developed and introduce new technology like 3G, 4G, and 5G is ready to launch.

And mobile technology also replace some other technologies. Because the use of mobile technology very increase. And that is very easy and simple. Also we use very simple device and make calls text messages. GPS navigation. And internet browsing. Also used for games. Professionals said the future is mobile technology.

That sector is only develop due to mobile phones and smart devices that people used and transfer information and news. Now the people wants to live more update. All over the world the use of mobile increase very much. Every time people remain in contact with each other also people share their stories, images, news updates, on social media platforms. Peoples also give too much response when we share any new updates, or any major incident occur in all over the world. When peoples watch it or read it then people gives proper response and many countries governments do action on that incident that largely share on social media because people have much response on that incident.