What is Apps.

The word app is abbreviation of application. And the application is software that used in smart devices. Computers. We also say it software that run our smartphones. Tablets and other Electronic devices. The Apps is very important for every smart devices or Electronic devices. And in smart watches also apps used and to for apps internet is not necessary some apps works on internet and for some app no need internet. And app is modern word/term that we normally used and sometime we said this types of app you can download from Google’s play store and same we say that that app is available on apple I store you can download. When new companies developed new Apps that informs or advertise that these apps are available from which app store. For example Google play store or Apple I store. That term we normally used. 

And the major types of application are desktop apps, Mobile apps, and web application. That three types of application we mostly used. Desktop application are related to computers that operate our programs and we used these applications for different purpose.  The Applications that developed for computers that we operate with mouse and keyboard and the applications that developed for mobile phones or smart devices that we mostly accessed /used with fingers. Some application have much features that operate on internet. And large in size because that have much features also some applications are small and to access for these applications no need internet. For example if we installed a dictionary app in our smartphone that we no need every time internet to check words meaning and we can access it without internet. And the GPS application need internet that check our location that operate on internet so that we check our location. GPS related two pics are pasted below. That check location that app tell us our location.

Some app are mixed with other apps for example desktop app and web app are mixed with each other we say it Hybrid app. That apps work on both condition means that application work offline and online. Here also I discuss some example of apps. Adobe Photoshop is a computer application that we used in computer and we change and edit images that work in our computer. We change the images as our demand .And Adobe Photoshop sketch app is for mobile phones that we used in mobile phones. & Microsoft excel /word is application that we used in computer and mobile that operate in computer and mobile phones.

Another example of application that have common with web application. For example we have a Gmail id we received emails on our Gmail id. But that application not installed our mobile so that we can open our Gmail id on web and can check our mobiles means that application is common with mobile app and web app.

Here we discussed how we get app. Or how to download application. For Android mobile phones, smart devices we can download application through Google play store or Amazon app store.  Android devices user can easily download free and paid apps through both App stores. Google’s and Amazon app stores. And iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple related smart devices user can easily download apps through Apple I store. And for web application that we used in our computer we download in our computer through Google. Some application run with Google chrome. That application we easily operate through google chrome and that’s app no need to download because that properly run on Google chrome that are the apps that we normally used and in this topic we discussed all important  app that are used.