What is Mobile TECHNOLOGY?

Mobile technology is the technology that reshape the world, People, communication system, Business economy, also change the people’s life styles and now peoples are very close with each other with the help of mobile technology much new things developed. And telecommunication sector much developed much revenue generated with mobile technology also new jobs announced in the start of mobile technology. With the development of new electronic devices such as Smartphones, Tablets that also do very important role in mobile technology

Mobile technology works with radio waves and our mobile work as a transmitter and receiver. When we sent a text message to our friend that time that works as a transmitter and when we receive a massage at that time work as a receiver. Mobile phone or smart devices are connected with towers through radio signals. At towers the equipment installed that we said base transceiver station. And with a tower many mobile phone connected. And mobile towers have Antenna that propagate radio waves that receive our mobile phone. And then we make calls. Video calls and conference calls. Write sms and use internet.

Now recently develpoed mobile technology we used for internet browsing. Playing games and other different purpose and mobile Tower has first equipment installed then we receiver radio signals. In a country have different companies have towers that their equipment installed and every company have different frequency range. And normally microwave links used that our data transfer and now latest technology the use of optical fiber increase because now 2G, 3G ,4G, working and 5G is very soon launch so that optical fiber has much band width that we used and our internet speed increase.

In Mobile technology connectivity is very important that we normally said signal. Our mobile have signals or not signals or low signals. When our mobile has no signals that not work. That means we have no connectivity with the network and that time our mobile not work. When we have low signal at that time also our connectivity is poor and our internet speed disturb. We cannot do proper browsing and make calls properly. That is main reason that some time we have much distances to mobile tower or some time mobile tower have some problem that we not receive proper signals so that service is disturb now due to much achievement of mobile technology every cellular company try to give good services to its customers.so that we get services . And company have much towers in big cities that provide us signal. In that start of mobile technology have affected during bad weather. Now every cellular company make their network very advance that not affected during bad weather.

 And mobile technology also replace some other technologies. Because the use of mobile technology very increase. And that is very easy and simple. Also we use very simple device and make calls text messages. GPS navigation. And internet browsing. Also used for games .Professionals said the future is mobile technology. Because that is very important for every person and now that is very important need of every person. Mobile technology is very familiar in tablets or other small electronic devices. Mobile technology also development and now the advanced courtiers do experiment on mobile technology and in defense system, Automobile sector latest mobile technology used also in health sector much development done. The use of mobile technology increase day-by-day

Now mobile technology is very important for urban and rural areas. In the start the use of mobile technology in big cities and more advance cities also more advance countries. Now mobile technology is very important for small cities and all countries used mobile technology. Because the reason is that we share information very quickly with each other through mobile technology. And the transfer/share information is very necessary for every person. And in emergency cases mobile technology is also very important.

The mobile technology have very big achievements in all over the world. In the start of mobile technology we just used that for sms. Calls. And for games now the use of mobile technology very increase. The mobile technology make the world into digital. Our business, education system. Defense system, Health and all others mobile technology have very important role.