5 notes when starting to play the drone camcorder

Having these beautiful aerial footage today is no longer so difficult due to the appearance of drone cameras. However, in order to access this fascinating hobby, there are still many things that beginners should keep in mind.  You have just saved enough money to buy the first drone camera in your life, and are more eager than ever to start the exciting aerial photography hobby.  It was wonderful. But wait, before you embark on the first test flight for the new drone camera, let’s take a look at some of the following notes. Because you know later, you will wonder why you didn’t know these things sooner?

1. Is your drone camcorder licensed?  

Currently flycam flight in Vietnam is still managed quite closely by the authorities. Despite being a toy aircraft, drone cameras are still classified as unmanned aircraft (stipulated in Article 3 of Decree 36/2008 ND-CP dated March 28, 2008). In addition, due to the fact that a flying device with a camera mounted on it should not have the potential to affect civilian and military flight activities, regarding security and defense issues, it should be well managed. rigid.  This is understandable, because if not strictly managed, flycam devices are very vulnerable to be used as a means of carrying out activities to explore and combat political security. Not only in Vietnam, in all other countries, drone cameras must be licensed to take off for the first time.

While there is still a lot of controversy surrounding the issue of licensing, licensing and the law on unmanned aircraft in Vietnam, it is undeniable that flycam use should be under control. So, don’t forget to check out the procedures for registering your drone camcorder before officially launching it. Or if you feel cumbersome procedures, you should look for areas, spacious vacant land, fly in the campus (if the house has a spacious yard), places that are empty and close to the works Main or military to satisfy with his passion.  2. Read the instruction manual carefully  From past to present, few people like to read long and boring manuals. When unboxing a product, the first thing we do is to put the instruction sheet aside. We are smart enough to be able to find out for ourselves and find out, right?  But not for drone cameras – a product that is somewhat complex and difficult to control for beginners.

As you may know, the drone camera is really diverse with many sizes and structures. And every different drone camera requires different controls. Parrot drone cameras are controlled via applications on smartphones or tablets, while Phantom DJI 3 is controlled by remote, many other drones are controlled by hand movement. Therefore, do not ignore the manual and find out as much information about your drone camera as possible before officially using it. Because maybe no one wants their plane to fly for a few minutes and then fall down or never return after the first test flight. 

3. Use rubber wrap for propeller when flying indoors

Don’t be subjective to the propellers on the drone camera because their damage is higher than you think. Especially when operating in a narrow space or indoors, make sure these blades do not cut into friends and people around, or get stuck in household objects.  For drone cameras that already have a protective cover like Parrot AR.Drone 2.0, use it when flying in your home. For other drones, don’t be afraid to invest in a rubber wrap for the propeller. 

4. Be a civilized drone camcorder user  

The drone camcorder is an effective tool to get aerial shots. But besides, it is also very easy to turn this device into a tool to steal people.  Respect neighbors and people around by not letting the drone device fly into their home area unless you are allowed. Also note when operating drone cameras in slightly sensitive locations such as swimming pools, hotels, or crowded residential areas.

Another note is don’t try to transport furniture with a drone camera, because the ability of objects to fall and damage others is very high. And again, the use of drones to transport objects also needs to be licensed. 

5. Find advice from people who have used it  

Drones are a more complex hobby than you think with many principles from usage to flying rules. Make sure you know the drone cannot fly over 122 meters or fly near the airport. And one of the ways to be more easily mastered in this subject is to learn, listen to advice from those who went before.

Currently there are many groups, information pages about drone cameras so that new players can conveniently reference. Search for passionate people and share your questions as well as how to connect and how to make your drone camera easier and … more legal.  Although somewhat difficult and difficult, but aerial photography is still an interesting hobby that cannot be denied. we expects you not to be out of the above obstacles but instead learn and equip yourself more thoroughly.