6 technology products coming out of “science fiction”

Artificial intelligence, voice control or virtual reality – science fiction is becoming a reality with the following technology products.

 1. Google Home – Chat with the computer

Computers that can talk, often referred to as beautiful names are “artificial intelligence”, no longer a fictional technology product on the screen. This year, Google continues to mark a huge step forward when it launched Google Home – a voice communication device that brings the wisdom of “giants”. You can ask the recipe of a cake, arithmetic problem, summarize news or even tell jokes, “sing” to you through music players or radio … Put simply , Google Home is like a friend willing to listen and answer all your questions, as well as talk to you about everything in the world.  Not only that, with your voice permission and activation, Google Home can also access personal information from the Google homepage to set schedules, alarms and timer, even Google Home Can tell you the traffic situation on your daily commute. You will never miss plans because you are always reminded in time.  Another great thing is that Google Home can connect to smart devices like Chromecast, Nest, Philips Hue … and you can use your voice to adjust the air conditioner temperature or turn off the light. The design includes 7 colors to be able to integrate easily with the interior of your home.

2. Doppler Labs Here One ™ - Listen to the sound of life

We have heard about “wearable technology” and in 2017 we will have “hearable technology” – earphones that can play music, make phone calls, monitor health indicators. healthy like heart rate, blood pressure …  Doppler Labs, a technology startup from San Francisco, pioneered a headset called Here One ™. This is a technology product inherited from the development of wireless Bluetooth headsets. Here One ™ includes Here Buds ™ wireless headset that connects to an application on your phone, allowing you to control and control the sound around. You can choose the sound you want to zoom in, or reduce the cries of a baby, noisy sounds in the restaurant, the sound of airplane engines … You are the one to choose the sound the way you want.

3. HTC Vive - Fully immersive into the virtual world

Vive virtual reality glasses are the result of a combination of Taiwanese phone carrier HTC and Steam VR technology of Valve software company.  The outside design of the glass consists of sensors and cameras that record the surrounding space so that when playing, users can move easily. To use the product, users need to have a minimum space of 1-2 square meters to install motion recognition sensors, a computer installs Steam software connected to Vive. Users can download thousands of games from SteamVR and place them in virtual reality products to get the most vivid experience.  Vive’s price is quite expensive, about 800 pounds. Not to mention, users also have to invest in a powerful PC with adequate connectivity, about 1,100 pounds. But for real gamers, it’s hard to resist the attraction of this new technology product.

4. Parrot Disco FPV - Flying on the ground

Unmanned aircraft are increasingly widely used, from filming to overhead investigations, and most of them originate from helicopter, with 4 or 6 propellers. This year, the French company Parrot has launched the first 1,150 pound propeller jet. It is faster than all similar products, with a takeoff speed of up to 50 mph. High capacity battery allows Disco to fly continuously for 45 minutes.  The most special thing is, if other planes have to attach a recording device and then extract the image, for Disco, you can experience the image immediately through the Parrot Cockpitglasses eyeglasses. The glasses will record the disco image and sound directly when connected to the FreeFlight Pro application on the phone, then play back in HD format, and you’ll think you’re actually sitting on a cockpit. plane and enjoy the feeling of flying right on the ground.

5. UBTech Robotics Alpha 1S - Robot dance

Someday, robots might take over the world. But now, this robot boy is just the guy who manages your living room. With 16 servo couplings, Alpha S1 can move and perform complex actions, accurately simulating human gestures. With impressive movements, Alpha S1 is the small friend of the whole family. It can dance breakdance, perform yoga, kungfu movements, dance … Alpha S1 will ask you to exercise or become a close friend of the kids. This little guy comes with a software program, so you can teach him more actions.

6. Raden A28 Check - Never lost luggage  

Lost luggage is a constant worry of people who have to travel by plane. Catching that mentality, startups from New York, Raden, developed A28 Check – 1 an elegant suitcase that can be tracked through the phone application, allowing users to know the exact location of the device. Suitcase.  The suitcase is also extremely light and smooth, not only that, it also has a weight sensor, making it easy to check the weight of the luggage before boarding the plane, and integrating a phone charger for every emergency. Now is the era when technology products are associated with applications in life.