An iPhone is maybe an ideal gift for a new year season. Let’s imagine that you have received a new  iPhone, so what apps should you installed on your phone?

Among dozens of apps that you can see on the Apple’s app store, you can feel confused when choosing which app should be downloaded for your iPhone. Now, we are listing the most beneficial apps for you as below, let’s look at the list:

  1. Citizen

Citizen is built as a safety network that enables you access to the information about emergent situation or crimes near you. The app will send you notification to alarm you serious problems that are close by. The Citizen notifies people leave their home when buildings burning, announce bus driver from departing a school during the way to avoid a nearby terrorist attack, or even save a baby left in a locked hot car. You should use the app responsibly and it will keep you safe.

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  • Moment

Although Apple have design a tool assembled into iPhone but this app is still very popular. Dozens of people in the tech world have used the app. The development of technology is making people live more unhealthy. The Moment is aimed to help us to use phone in a healthy way and spend more time in real-life activities. The app calculates the time we use for phone and announce us which app is used most. By understanding our habit, we can change it in a positive way. Many users says that thanks to the app, they found themselves to be more intentional toward people and the daily situations.

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  • Mindbody

The app give you opportunities to discover classes that near you with different time and price range. You can choose the desired time and date and the app will find the suitable classes. It also offer you a huge number of fitness type, for example Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Cycling, Bootcamp, Crossfit, Circuit Training, Boxing/Kickboxing, Material Arts, Pole Fitness, Dance, Aerial, Inteval Training, Weight Training, Gym Classes, etc. It has never been easier for you to find a best fitness, wellness & beauty services. These are some highlighted feature of Mindboy

  • Fitness and workouts: maintain your body in shape by choosing what type of sports that you enjoy and book the class
  • Flexible pricing: Although you have a limited budget, Mindbody certainly can satisfy you. Mindbody have a collective classes with different prices.
  • Wellness: It will be easier for you to looking for a  nearby acupuncturist, guided meditation or massage therapy to release chronic muscle tension
  • Beauty: Take care for your beauty by booking a visit to the spa, hair salon, haircut, manicure, etc.
  • Rate and review: This function allows users to rate and reviews class and service. By making a reference to the reviews, users can choose the qualifies services.

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  • Duolingo

If you are learning a new language, you should give this app a try. The Duolingo is offering you many languages in a funny way. There are over 300 million learner joining the Duolingo community. It is undeniable that the Duolingo has been the most popular way to learn languages! learning must be fun though you are at any age. Learning through game is one of the most effective way to maintain your motivation when learning. In addition to it, you can stay on track with your goal and keep you focused. Many users review this app and give a very positive feedbacks about it, for example friendly approach, awesome updates, etc.

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  • Google Translate

If you want to be a global citizen, don’t forget this app. There are totally 103 languages built on the app. You can translating both online and offline. There are some highlighted features as followings:

  • Text translation: Thanks to the text translation, your workload can be reduced considerably. For example, it does not take much time to write an email to your foreign partner in a proper way. On the other hand,
  • Offline: There are 59 languages that you can translate via this app though your mobile phone does not connect with internet. You can use the app wherever, whenever and in all condition with or without internet connection.
  • Instant camera translation: It could be seen as a revolution of Google translate. It is much easier when using Google translate now when you can take photo of the words and it will be translated into your mother language. With travel lovers, this app is considered as a indispensable item. There are totally 38 language now that could be used with camera translation.
  • Conversations: it is great that this app can translate bilingual conversations very quickly. It can be an interpreter for you and your partner with you two come from different countries and do not know language of each other.
  • Handwriting: you can both typing or handwrite on the screen of your phone
  • Libby

If you are a book lover, you can not skip the app. There are all types of book such as fiction, nonfiction, romance, literature, mystery, historical fiction, biography, thriller, etc with more than 160,000 titles in each catalogue covering 140 different subjects. There are thousand positive feedbacks from users but there is always room for improvement.

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