Why is your home Wi-Fi always slow?

There are many reasons for slow Wi-Fi speed, such as the location of the router, misconfiguration, interference … How to overcome this slowdown?   Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) is a wireless network that uses radio waves, similar to telephone, television and radio waves. Therefore, Wi-Fi waves can be completely tampered with, causing dead spots or dead zones. Simply put, this is an area within the router’s broadcast range, but the devices in the network do not receive Internet signals.

Anything that interferes with Wi-Fi waves can also create dead spots or dead zones. For example, if you put the router in the corner of the house, the dead zone may be on the opposite side, where the Wi-Fi signal cannot be reached. In addition, some devices such as microwave ovens, cordless phones, wireless security systems, wireless audio systems, aquariums, metal fences, etc. can also affect Wi-Fi speed.

Most vendors of wifi equipment are big brands originating from China such as TP-Link, Xiaomi or Tenda, besides a few brands from Korea and the United States. 


TP-Link: As a supplier of No. 1 wifi network equipment in China in particular and in the world in general, TP-Link currently trades a lot of different items from the wifi mobile 3g transmitter. dynamic, usb wifi receiver or modem, wifi router with very diverse prices.  Evaluation: Is TP-Link Wifi Router good?  One obvious advantage in TP-Link is the variety of models and the price is quite rich from cheap models of 200K to high-end models with prices up to VND2, 3 million. Depending on your needs and economic situation, you will have better choices.

Some outstanding products such as: TP-Link TL-WR740N, TP-Link TL-WR841N, TP-Link TL-WR940N, TP-Link Archer C50, TP-Link Mr3420, TP-Link TD-W8901N … 

Xiaomi: This is the No. 1 distributor of Chinese smartphones, not stopping at mainstream items such as smartphones or tablets that Xiaomi diversifies its products with a lot of items.  Review: Is Xiaomi wall-based Wifi router good?  Compared to TP-Link, Xiaomi does not have a variety of models but in return is quality, but very low quality. The strength of Xiaomi Wifi Router is the design, most of its models are highly appreciated thanks to their own luxurious and eye-catching designs.  This is easy to understand because in this array of network devices, Xiaomi has just stepped in so it is not sure there will be no diversity of models and types.

Some outstanding products like: Xiaomi Pro 2017, Xiaomi Pro 2018, Xiaomi Gen 3, Xiaomi 3A, Xiaomi Nano. 

Totolink: As a Korean brand established in 2003, through 15 years of development and continuous development, Totolink has now become the largest provider of bandwidth equipment in the country of Kimchi.

Is Totolink Wifi Router good?  Totolink is also a brand of wifi router that gives users many choices from low-cost models of only 200K to high-end models with dual-band price of up to VND4, 5 million. 

Some outstanding products such as Totolink A800R, Totolink N600R, Totolink A800R, Totolink N200RE-v3, Totolink N302R, Totolink N300RH. 

Asus: The brand is so familiar to consumers around the world, from smart devices like laptops to smartphones or tablets. To diversify products, Asus has now expanded its market to trade in network equipment such as wifi routers.

Evaluation: Is Asus Wifi Router good?  If compared with other brands in the market, Asus does not hit hard on the low-cost line but its products are concentrated in high-end and versatile lines with relatively high prices.  For example, this ASUS RT-AC5300 is an extremely versatile Wi-Fi device, which can virtually handle all the functions that users require.  Some outstanding products are: Asus RT-N12HP, Asus RT-AC53, Asus RT-N12 +, Asus RT-N14UHP, Asus RT-AC55UHP, Asus RT-AC68U, Asus RT-N14UHP.

Buffalo: In the current network equipment market, there are very few brands originating from Japan, of which Buffalo is a rare piece of equipment business in the market.  Review: Buffalo Wifi Router good?  Buffalo’s Wi-Fi wireless routers are not as high-rated as Xiaomi or TP-Link, but the most prominent are the WiFi / 3g radio devices, not the router or wifi modem.  Some outstanding products include: Buffalo WCR-GN, Buffalo WCR HP G300, Buffalo WHR-300HP2, Buffalo WHR-600D, Buffalo WXR-1750DHP, Buffalo WZR-1750DHP, Buffalo WZR HP AG300H, Buffalo WZR HP AG450H.

Linksys: This is a very famous American brand established in 1988, specializing in providing wifi network equipment such as wifi tuner, router, wifi modem or switch …  Review: Is Linksys Wifi Router good?  Linksys Wifi Router is divided into 2 quite clear segments for users to easily choose the power that is the basic product line with low price and high-end line with extremely high price up to 8, 10 million VND. Most of its high-end lines are multi-function wireless routers.  Some outstanding products are Linksys E1200, Linksys EA6100, Linksys EA6350, Linksys EA6900, Linksys EA7500, Linksys EA8300, Linksys EA8500, Linksys EA9300, Linksys WRT54G.

Tenda: From a small network device manufacturer, Tenda has gradually risen to become one of China’s leading brands in networking equipment.  Tenda with TP-Link has long been the two most reputable and quality wifi transmitter providers in the world. Wifi Tenda router is manufacturer equipped with wifi AC standard (802.11ac) instead of standard WiFi N (802.11n) like other brands.  Some outstanding products such as Tenda FH1202, FH303 Tenda, Tenda FH304, Tenda FH365, Tenda FH456, Tenda N301, Tenda N630, Tenda F3, Tenda W311R.  In addition, there are some brands of Wifi routers that you can refer to such as FPT, Viettel, Draytek, Dlink, Gpon, Huawei, Nec, Vnpt …