4G Telecommunication Network (Network Architecture)

As the 4G technology developed the total structure of a telecom network also developed. As to launch 4G technology in network also do some changes. Because the network that already working that not supported to that new equipment. So mostly structure also developed to launch 4G technology. Many changes done in base station controller and in mobile switching center because that structure working on old technology 2G. And many changes done in transmission network because for 4g technology also need much data bandwidth so that we can get much speed on 4G network means that complete structure developed. And 4G technology is IP based so that new equipment installed that support the 4G technology.

 The physicals sites that normally working on 2G technology and 3G technology that also upgraded and 4G supported equipment installed that operate the 4G network. The main issue of that network to launch is to deployment of 4G equipment on physical sites and upgraded the capacity of sites. The telecommunication companies that launch 4G network they first installed equipment on sites and upgraded the sites and with the upgrading of sites need to upgrade base stations controllers and mobile switching center that have major role in that network.

The mobile switching center upgraded and at IP based equipment installed that support to 4G equipment and have much capacity of data because 4G need much data band width to work if not provide much data to  physical site that have 4G equipment installed then we cannot get more speed on internet or data browsing. We normally used MW links that physical sites have connected each other and connected with base station controller. When 4G introduced our transmission capacity is not too much so that for many sites we used optical fiber cable technology that support the network.

In 4G network architecture physical sites where 4G supported equipment installed that have linked with each other through microwave links and optical fiber cables. Now the use of optical fiber increase because the microwave links no large bandwidth and we used too much microwave links that required maintenance  also some weather issues. So now optical fiber cables replace that technology and that physical sites connected with optical fiber cable or in telecom term used media that say media is through optical fiber cable network that connected to Base station controller and mobile switching center. In the 4G telecommunication network architecture mobile switching have major role that control all the network and monitor the network.

The mobile switching center is connected with public switched telephonic network. And have Radio access network that monitor the network efficiency and monitor the network error and check network is working normally or any issue the radio access network also check the speed of 4G network and is network working at proper speed and is network speed is proper to end user. In equipment that installed on physical site working properly and monitor the coverage of network .some time in some area have no coverage that check it