Android Operating System

An Android is software app that run the smartphone and smart devices. And Android app run tablets and computer software. We can say it software running application for smart devices. The Silicon Valley name company first developed it and give the name Android Inc. Android app developed by developers in Java language. The developer develop new application for different purpose and that easily available in Android store. Now developers are working on different Android application that we used it for different purpose and that application run different smart devices. For example for smartphones have different Android application and smart tablets have different application. The developers used java language when they develop application and Android application have very useful in all over the world. The Android application mostly develop through window. And that platform used and developed Android application.

Android application developed very quickly and now in the world much application available that we used and that application make our life very easy and the developers are regularly working on it. So that every day new ideas are generated and according to the ideas new application or developed and many organization are developing new application regarding their work purpose. Different organization have different work and they need application regarding their work so that organization developed application and used. The main features of Android application is that you can easily use it. Some application or online used and some application offline used the business organization widely use that application and do their work on these application. Organization gives their employees to download these apps and do work on these application that is all due to Android application easily download and easily available and user friendly so that the Organization employee used Android application and perform their duties so that have large of benefit. Similarly the sales companies used these Android app and get order through that Apps. They check their daily order and delivered it accordingly also many organization check their employee working status on that Android application. In education system much android application are developed that you can use online are offline and in some application you can contact with your course mate. So that is only due to android application.

In smartphone mostly android software used according to some professionals in 2018 more than 381 million smart phone were sold hat have android software. And only 11 to 13 percent smartphone sold which have other software .Android software for smartphone is very popular because that is very easy connect with computer. Smartphone software have two operating system one operate mobile phone and secondary operate other function such as radio functions.

Currently the most popular smartphone software is android that established by Google Inc.  That is worldwide in smartphone installed and also largely installed in personal computers. Android software is very easy to installed and free available at Google app stores. So that is the main reason of that software that is much popular in all over the world.  And Android software Google also introduced new version with time to time so that the user can update its smartphone software through Google app store.