Ios is smart devices operating system that operate our smart devices like Apple I phones, iPad, iPod, tablets and that mostly used in just Apple made smart devices. Ios also developed by Apple Inc. and that operating system worldwide used and that operating system globally in second position that the used in Apple smart devices. ios operating system is very good for Apple hardware and have good result in Apple devices. Ios developed in 2007 for Apple IPhone and after that operating system used for other Apple devices. With time many changes done in that operating system because new ideas generated and that operating system changes according to the ideas. And main version of ios operating system normally changes annually and changes according to Apple different devices.

 And different devices have a many types of processor so that its version changes. And normally change done by annually or any new device introduced by Apple so that device have sometime different version. That ios application is easily available at Apple application store and at Apple application store according to one report in 2018 Apple application store have more than 2 million this operating system ios have application that is available for using. And that application downloaded more than 129 billion. So that ios is very popular in Apple smart devices because in billions time that application is downloaded.

The interface of ios operating system is direct manipulation based. And many version developed this operating system as ios 3 ios 4,ios 6,ios,7 and that versions have some changes each version is different from other version and that version operate smart devices ios developers try to make better every version. So that have different results. And that operating system have very good quality have good result. In the start of ios operating system have small features and after that feature increase as world developed then Apple Inc. also developed new operating system that are much advanced and have very advance features.

Ios also many application developed also developed application for hearing disability. That provide voice reading facilities so that have a great features of that operating system that is used hearing disabled persons. And Apple Inc.  Also developed many technology related application that used smart devices and smartphones. Like blue tooth that is used and battery tracking and sound system and also many application developed that used in pictures and for voice.

Multitasking ios application also developed that is used in iPhone and iPod and iPad. That application provide background audio means that in background we can start audio. And also can use for video. That widely used in iPhone and iPad. Similarly in ios some more feature developed like location means that show your current location and we can use location when we capture any views. And local notification, task completion also developed in ios that notify when a task complete or notify when that task complete and that all available in ios operating system. On Apple application store we can very easily download application according to our requirements and update application when and ever we need.