Is the Bphone’s market segmentation reasonable?

Compared to 3 years ago, it can be realized that the price of each Bphone tends to go down and fall into the mid-range segment while the quality compared to the price is much more reasonable.

Is the Bphone’s market segmentation reasonable?Born in 2015, with the fixation in the high-end segment, the cheapest model Bphone at that time was from VND 9.99 million excluding VAT, the most expensive version reached more than VND 20 million. This price is quite high compared to the first product launched. Whether you want to support a “made in Vietnam” smartphone product, not everyone is willing to spend a large amount of money to “test” a new product.  Later, Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang admitted to the press that Bphone is not really “good”. However, it must be said that Bphone is much more rigorous than other products. At the same time, start to doubt whether this is a “Made in Vietnam” product or just a Vietnamese product labeled Vietnamese?  By August 8, 2017, Bphone 2 was officially launched. Bphone 2017 is located in the high-end segment, with many advanced features such as fast charging, removable DAC, waterproof … The design has a change, beautiful, luxurious but less personality. It has two versions, high-end segment and Bphone Gold in the high-end segment, priced from VND9,789 million through the Mobile World system.

And by 10/10/2018, Bphone 3 was released. Compared to the previous 2017 iPhone, both iPhone 3 and BPhone 3 Pro have been removed from the Home button, instead of the bottom screen. The two sides of the machine possess a relatively thin screen border. This is different from Huawei Nova 3i’s rabbit ears screen, Oppo F7 or Vivo V9, other competitors of the 7 million price segment. Overall, in terms of design, the BPhone 3 has completely changed the old style when skipping rounded contours and using more corners. The overall machine thus becomes more square, more masculine than the 2017 BPhone. According to many people, the iPhone 3 has a better hardware finish than previous products. The minus point of the machine in terms of design is the angular details of the machine, which makes the need for a little hand feel a bit in need. Compared to other competitors in the same price segment, the iPhone 3 has a configuration that is not the same as using RAM and lower memory capacity. It also does not have another trendy feature is face unlock technology.

Bphone 3 has a price of VND 6,990,000. Bphone 3 Pro is priced at VND 9,990,000. Compared to other competitors in the same price segment, the iPhone 3 has a configuration that is not the same as using RAM and lower memory capacity. It also does not have another trendy feature is face unlock technology. In return, the iPhone 3 has a number of distinct features such as fast charging and water resistance at a depth of 1 meter, for 30 minutes, against dust and objects with a hardness of 6 on the Mohs hardness scale. These are all features usually available in high-end phone models. With Bphone 3, Bkav is showing more scrupulous, listening to users and gradually improving its products. In particular, with the current selling price, there will surely be many users who want to try the “made in Vietnam” smartphone. Along with that, we can see that Bkav is changing significantly in the segment, from high-end to current is mid-range phones. It is worth noting that Bkav should choose this segment from the beginning, instead of confirming right away from the high-end line, because users cannot immediately choose a completely new product at too high a price. Meanwhile, many other brands have been shaped for years like Samsung, Apple has products that bring true brand to them.

As for Bkav, from the beginning it all just came from the CEO’s words but did not have a clear verification from the users, not to mention, even with the first line of products, Bphone had many errors that made users disappointed. Because of that, with the mid-range segment as currently marked as the navigation step of BKAV when. However, it must be frankly acknowledged, the mid-range market is also not a easy piece of cake. Never before has the competition in this segment become so attractive with the appearance of a series of names such as Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, Sony, Honor … All of them launched smartphones with the configuration impressive, beautiful design and good price compared to quality. Even this race has the presence of Apple with older iPhone models such as iPhone 6 / 6s or iPhone models 7/7 + refurbished. In general, it is still difficult to make predictions about BPhone 3 sales, however, with this model, Bkav is showing a more consistent, more user-friendly and more complete product. mine.