Software used for smart phones

Software means the collection of data or instructions that tells smart phone how to work. The smartphone is a physical hardware. That work with software that is installed in smartphones. Without software smartphone not work and software have all information that operate smartphone. Software is very essential for every smartphone and also we said it mobile operating system because that operate smartphone. Smartphone software have many combine features that have our personal computers because we connect our smartphone to computer so that have very common features. Smartphone software operate our mobile and operate mobile all functions such as touch screen, internet. Calls, sms and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, global positioning system, protected access. Music player, camera, voice all function make enable that we use in smartphone.

In smartphone mostly android software used according to some professionals in 2018 more than 380 million smart phone were sold hat have android software. And only 12 to 13 percent smartphone sold which have other software. Android software for smartphone is very popular because that is very easy connect with computer. Smartphone software have two operating system one operate mobile phone and secondary operate other function such as radio functions.

And most popular company Apple Inc. that have developed IOS that operate apple i phones tables .iPad and i pod touch. That software is in second in all over the world. The first is android and second is ios. Because the ios just operate apple electronic devices. Android software is very simple if we camper with apple Inc. And Apple app store contains more than 2 million of Apps that used for different apple devices. That apps operate the apple devices and enables the all functions of smartphones. Android Based devices Pictures pasted below.

Currently the most popular smartphone software is android that established by Google Inc.  That is worldwide in smartphone installed and also largely installed in personal computers. Android software is very easy to installed and free available at Google app stores. So that is the main reason of that software that is much popular in all over the world.  And Android software Google also introduced new version with time to time so that the user can update its smartphone software through Google app store.

And for smartphones android and other software used some important software is Android one. And Amazfit OS that also Android based. Another software is blackberry that introduced by blackberry that also related to Android open source project. And OPPO Electronics also develop smartphone software’s that is ColorOS but the basics of this software is on Android open source project. Huawei Technologies also developed a software that is EMUI (Emotion user interface) that is based on Google’s Android based operating system. That software normally installed on Huawei and Huawei honor related devices that is very useful that operating system is very useful and working is very good. In Huawei smart devices that software installed.

Vivo also developed software that base on Android and that is Funtouch OS that also match with Apple IOS .Meizu and HTC also developed software for Android based smartphone devices. That also used. LG Electronics and their partners also developed software LG UX. That have full touch interface. That normally used in LG devices and LG tablets.