Telecommunication Network

Telecommunication network is group/collection of physical sites or nodes that used to transfer information that nodes connected with each other through microwave links or through optical fiber cables. The nodes that we normally say physical site there is a complete equipment installed that work and then our information transfer through our mobiles or other smart devices. The nodes have equipment installed that generate signal and smartphone receive signal and then we transfer information or used data. A telecommunication network have special frequency that provide by the country telecommunication authority. And that authority provide frequency for transmission network and also provide bandwidth that the company the telecommunication used and operate the network. The nodes that equipment installed that we say base transceiver station that work as transmitter and receiver. Because when we transfer information with each other than our smartphone receive signal that nodes and work for transfer of information.

In some countries have many transmission network and some countries have only two to three telecommunication networks that provide cellular services. Telecommunication network the nodes are connected with each other and after that nodes connected with base station controller and base station controller is connected with mobile switching center. Our mobile location, identification, are in mobile switching center. That control all the network. Telecom network have complete architecture that network operate that have in very large quantity physical site or nodes that provide services and that manage with proper system that  because in a complete many telecom network equipment provider companies are working like Ericson ,Nokia, Huawei is big telecom equipment provider in all over the world. That installed their equipment according to the operator company requirements. That companies also doing much business in all over the world. That companies installed the equipment on physical sites that normally installed the equipment on towers and installed base station controller and mobile switching center where that companies control the all network system. At physical sites that equipment installed for 3G, 4G services that normally said node and e node b. that companies now planning to launch 5G services. And planning to install 5G equipment.5G services expected to start in 2019.

As Telecommunication network developed the all network architecture also developed. And the use of optical fiber also increase in telecom sector. in the start telecom network connected with each other through microwave links means that transmission done through microwave link but for long route links microwave not work also have large amount of data not travel on that links that have small capacity so that optical fiber use increase and that also much develop telecom network and also make it simple. With the optical fiber network capacity and quality much increase that telecom companies provide best services to its customers. And Telecom network increase in every country and is very necessary for every country and every person because now the world is very close with the help of telecom network when the new services 3G,4G available in every where people used data video calls and conference calls. Also with the help of our educational system much developed now we can access to online libraries and watch different video about their study also doing many online business.

Now mostly countries are updating their telecommunication network. the telecommunication network in start provide just 2G services means that network mostly used for calling purpose and for short message services. Multimedia services that network speed on data is very low.  When technology developed many companies introduced new technology introduced that we say 3G, 4G, and 5G is ready to launch some advance countries doing experiment on 5G. The 3G and 4G provide data services when that both technology introduced data speed increase means browsing speed also increase. After 2007 many development done in that sector. And introduce new smart devices tabs, tablets that is very user friendly that work with latest telecommunication network.