The most interesting feature of Android 10 can be colour

Information from some forums shows that there is an upcoming launch of Android 10. Accordingly, the new Android version of Google will upgrade the night mode, which can be displayed black for the whole system. This will save battery life especially with devices using OLED screen. Black themes will have less impact on the human eye than white when using smartphones at night.

For some 3rd party applications, users must go into the developer options section to activate night mode. Maybe, in the future will add more applications to support night mode.

In addition, the developer option adds a computer mode that allows users to experience the desktop right on the phone when connected in the same way as Samsung DeX. However, this is only a trial version and XDA has enabled this feature but does not work.

With Android version 10, Google will focus more on user privacy. Like iOS, users can limit the access of applications such as location, contacts, camera or microphone …

Currently, Google has not yet announced the launch date of Android 10. Perhaps, users need to wait a bit longer to try this new version of Android. Currently the Android 9.0 version is still not popular, only high-end smartphones of OnePlus, Vivo, Nokia, Samsung, Oppo and Pixel line receive Android 9.0.

Google has a tradition of naming Android versions according to sweet food like cakes or candies. After Android Pie 9.0, the company will probably give Android 10 version Quiche – this is the common name for salty cakes made with milk, eggs and cheese.

Besides, users can use it with vegetables, meat or seafood. In addition to naming the operating system according to pastries or sweets as before, Google will likely switch to using the name of a salty cake to create something new.

Currently, the improvements of the Android Q beta operating system can be mentioned as follows:

  1. Consolidate privacy

According to the report, Google can also change the way permissions are granted to applications on Android phones. It is worth noting that, you will have access permissions for applications such as: allow all the time, only allow when the application is running, refuse. This is the feature that the iOS operating system has integrated for a while. On the settings menu, you will also see a table showing your access rights, as well as which applications are being used.

  • Desktop mode

Adding a rather revealing feature, this new Android Q version will likely have a desktop mode similar to Samsung’s Samsung Dex. The report emphasizes that there will be a developer option and is called a desktop mode, but nothing happens when the author plugs the USB Type-C conversion jack to HDMI. Maybe the feature has not yet been finalized, it is expected that Google will continue to improve and develop more in the future.

  • Dialing support

Allows the phone to freely add any area code, any country code when dialing, to facilitate convenience during international calling.

  • Enhance call blocking

Automatically block unknown, private and charged phone numbers.

  • Upgrade printer support: Connect to the printer via Wi-Fi directly.
  • Support multiple screens for tablets.
  • The folder is protected by password
  • File manager is preinstalled.