What are different types of telecommunication networks

Telecommunication networks are the techniques or method that is used to communicate information to far off places instantly. It is a scientific method and means to store, process and transmit huge amounts of information in seconds through electronic devices. This information is transmitted to distant places in the form of sound, pictures and computerized data. Telecommunication networks are basically an electron-based system of information transmission, reception, and processing.

Telecommunication networks have made life easier

Due to telecommunication networks, it has become easier to transmit information from one place to another and to transmit information to any place of the world. These networks are mostly based on a wireless system. The most famous example of telecommunication is the telephone (landline) network. Other examples include mobile network, TV network and the internet.

What are the many different types of telecommunication networks?

There are many different types of telecommunication networks. Here we will inform you about every type of telecommunication network briefly

Local Area Network (LAN)

It is the first and common type of telecommunication networks. Its range is very small and it is made for transmitting information in a small area. Its use in our daily life is very wide as it is designed very easily. It is a simple network and it is capable only in connecting the computers in one place. It is used where people want to communicate with each other in a single place like an office, a factory or a university. If you want to communicate with the people in a particular area, then it is best to use LAN.      

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

It can be named as a big form of LAN. Its capacity is bigger than LAN as it connects the whole city. Mostly cables and optical fibers are used in this type of telecommunication networks. Due to the presence of optical fibers, it provides fast communication. Its coverage area is more than the local area network (LAN). It is used where people want to communicate with each other in a city or a town. If you want to communicate with others in a city or a town, then you should use the metropolitan area network.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

Wide area network is mostly public leased network but sometimes it can be private. Its capacity of coverage is very large than the previous two as it extends to the many cities or states of a country. It is very difficult to design it and to maintain the communication medium as it links to the satellites. It is very useful in long-distance business as it connects the cities and states to each other. It is used where people want to communicate with each other in a country or continents. If you want to communicate with others in the entire city, then it is best to use a wide area network.

Wireless Network

Wireless networking is not the latest technique. It was also used in the past with some different name. The updated wireless techniques have better performance, but the logical and basic idea is the same. It is widely used in system interconnection. It connects various components of a computer like a monitor, keyboard, and printer to the CPU without wires. Bluetooth is an application of this wireless networking. Wifi networking is also an example of this wireless networking. Due to Wifi networking, man has enabled to communicate with others in the whole world. Wifi connects the entire world to each other. Now if you want to communicate with others in the world, then this wireless networking is a great option.


This type of telecommunication network is formed by joining the two or more networks together. This joining is made through the routers or bridges. The Internet is the largest application of this internetworking. All the networks on the internet are interconnected to each other by using the same communication methods. In other words, Internetworking is the principal and the backbone of the internet. The Internet makes our life easier. On the internet we can get information about all the world. In the internet, millions of computers are connected to each other through best communication systems.


Telecommunication networks are very useful in almost every field of life. They make our life easier; change our life altogether, provide faster communication; transmit information instantly through the whole world. Due to telecommunication networks, E-Learning and E-commerce become possible now. In short, telecommunication networks play an important role in our daily life.