windows operating system

Windows is group of programs that known as operating system. The windows control the computer and make easy to use it. Windows do able to computer that keyboard mouse do work. Means that the window have software’s that run our computer. Without window our computer not work. We cannot use it. And the programs of all computer not work. Window developed by Microsoft in 1985. Window first version was window1.0 that was work with IOS operating system. And when new development done in computer and technology then window also change and new version of window introduced. And some version of window no long used that have some problems that not fully support to our computers and not reliable so that version no longer used. In worldwide window installed in computers. In window have many programs that run the computer that programs also can change when we need.

Windows have complete control on our computers so that control computer data storage system work with window, similarly the window manage our complete data in computer and control our images. Also when we work in word file, excel that all done due to window. Windows also control the external hardware that we attach with computer for example we connect out smartphones, webcams, printers, scanners that also control window. Window also support video that we watch in our computer. We also use some external memories to save our data that support window. In our business related programs that also window support means that programs that monitor our business and check the progress that all programs control by window. In business sector window have very important role when window develop new software’s programs that also much business occur.  When we play games on computer that also window supported and sometime our some external devices not connect with our computer then we say that window not supported that device its means that device related software not installed in our window so that device not work with window.

Windows also treaties with errors that occurred in our computer. Windows have many software that we sometime delete or add more software as per demand and window fully support our computer and windows also available in 138 languages. Because in all over world have many countries and all countries have no same language  many countries used English language that is known international language but window is available in market many languages so that different country choose its country language for window. And in worldwide window have market shares. The window is available in many languages so that window have large market shares and it’s have large amount of business because in every computer first window installed then computer start working and after that computers all programs runs. Window also have some security features means that window should installed in original form. Because in markets some window copy is available that not properly work so that result is not good. So that window need to be installed in original form.

Microsoft introduce many version that used in computers, smartphones and tablets in 2018 Microsoft introduced windows 10 latest version. That very popular in computers and smart devices.